We are keen to partner up with outstanding entrepreneurs and innovative technology companies


iLab is committed to invest in the digital future of Turkey. We always evaluate new digital business models in markets with sustainable and high growth potential empowering innovation to create distinctive competitive advantage.


Our goal is to find next growth domains for iLab Ventures by identifying emerging trends, technologies, concepts and geographies where there is potential to replicate our successful investment and scale-up our track-record.

Diligent Investment Strategy

We help founders and companies in quickly scaling their businesses and moving to market leader positions. We not only invest in companies, but we also operationally help them in accelerating their growth towards delivering their visions.

We empower founders with sufficient liberated and flexible engagement structures as per need.

We provide support both as an operator and investor, from early to late stage, minority/majority, in markets with long-term growth potential, and room for disruption.

Our sole purpose is to support founders in delivering their vision for innovation and growth.

We go beyond financing to provide operational know-how and playbook on digital businesses.

Leveraging our scale, our invested companies can access essential resources, tools and technology beyond their individual reach.

Our center of excellence helps founders access strategic and operational expertise or resources until they build their own.

We are uniquely positioned to be the preferred partner for founders as the only investor-operator in Turkish market and one of the few globally.

We can accommodate long-term vision with continuous financing as we invest off our balance sheet instead of operating with time-bound funds of third parties.

Acceleration with Expertise

Maintaining right balance between efforts on go-to-market & building operational, strategic and expert capacity is always a challenge for growing businesses. Therefore, we help our partners through our “Excellence Center Program” designed to serve their strategic and operational needs until they build their own.

Strategy & Expertise

  • Strategy & Business Development
  • Product Management
  • UI / UX
  • Web Analytics
  • Data Science, AI & ML
  • Performance Marketing

Resources Beyond Scale

  • Talent Acquisition & Management
  • ATL Media Buying
  • Digital Ad Sales
  • Government Relations

Forward-Looking Criteria

We follow a stage agnostic investment approach meaning that we are interested in companies from early to growth stage. We are excited by inspiring solutions, disruptive business models and innovative technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics.

We welcome technology,
digital and/or Internet driven business models that meet our key investment criteria:

We welcome technology, digital and/or Internet driven business models that meet our key investment criteria:

Passionate and
Visionary Team



Growth Potential

Immediate Local
Scale Impact

Room for
Digital Disruption

Contact us if you think we can help you in making your vision come true:


Meet Our Ventures Team

Our ventures team consists of professionals with strong backgrounds from investment banking, management consulting, and global technology companies blending local and global experience in investing and scaling businesses.

Ozan Öztürk

Director, Strategy & Business Development

Ömür Bali

Director, Product & Data

Metin Ural

Manager, Strategy & Business Development

Sonat Yüce

Group Head, Digital Marketing

Pınar Erçetin

Sr. Associate, Strategy & Business Development

Yiğit Şenkardeş

Associate, Strategy & Business Development