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Our Culture

We believe that the path for long term and sustainable success of our businesses is through visionary, passionate, entrepreneurial leadership and employees. With this in mind, we strive to offer a team-oriented and value-based company culture.

We work to create dynamic, flexible and agile work environments while constantly renewing our processes to unlock the full potential of our colleagues.

Who We Are

As iLab, we offer our people a chance to build the future of the digital world in a place where equality, modernity, inclusion and meritocracy matter the most.

At iLab we;

  • Go for leadership
  • Are customer oriented
  • Aim for excellence
  • Encourage creative and innovative thinking
  • Promote modest communication
  • Work as a team towards a common goal
  • Reward effort and performance

Working at iLab

As iLab, we offer our people a chance to build the future of the digital world in a place where equality, modernity, inclusion and meritocracy matter the most.

Being in this group that transforms technology into efficiency is very motivating. iLab group offers the opportunity to learn different industry dynamics through its companies. iLab is innovative, believes in continuous improvement and values the opinions of all employees. By providing intercompany rotation, iLab allows its employees to use their competencies in different companies.

Burcu Rodoplu

Human Resources Manager, HangiKredi

In 2020, I’ve started my career journey in iLab as a graphic designer specialist and now I continue to work as a senior graphic designer. Being a part of a people oriented, collaborative work environment in iLab Group and working together with a creative team in various projects that offers active learning opportunities, give me the opportunity to improve myself in different fields as well as gaining experience.

Cansu Yalçın

Senior Graphic Designer, iLab

Being a director of Emlakjet, a part of the iLab world, gives me and my team a space to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, take initiative and try different marketing approaches. The strategic guidance of iLab management team and the experiences we share with other group companies have always been our power to carry us one step further on the way to the leadership in vertical.

Simgül Madanoğlu

CMO, Emlakjet

Serving 65% of the Turkish Internet audience, iLab Group stands out as the pioneer in digitalization of various markets in Turkey. Group companies enjoy great synergy via exchanging knowledge and experiences, even collaborating on joint projects.

Ferit Büyükkeçeci

CTO, Sigortam.net

Since the day I joined iLab, I strongly feel that we are supported by cutting-edge technologies. As an engineer, I believe working in a company with this kind of approach is very critical for my career development. I am happy to be a part of a leading technology platform like Cimri with expert teams.

Cevdet Can Kaya

Product Owner, Cimri

I am proud to be in a dynamic structure that grows and develops. As our digital marketing team, we support iLab and all our group companies in their digital marketing processes. Being able to see the dynamics of different markets and working with different teams greatly contributes to my personal development.

Selin Kınış

Digital Marketing Specialist, iLab

Career and Development

We offer our people rich and diverse career opportunities while giving them access to an exceptional support team with outstanding backgrounds.

To support our people as they grow and excel in their careers, we launched our own talent and development platform, where we provide extensive content.

Discover our Career Opportunities

Through our training program, iLearn, we share our know-how and latest practices, which our people can use these to cultivate their knowledge, skills and competencies for keeping up with ongoing digital evolution, changes in business world, and agile transformation.

  • We support our colleagues through tailor made training and development programs to unlock their full potential in accordance with their career maps

  • We collaborate with leading institutions and trainers to make available the most current information in areas like business management, digital competence and internet technologies

  • Besides our rich content of trainings, we make sure our employees participate in seminars, conferences and certificate programs where they can witness latest business and technology developments
  • With its brands in diverse verticals and never stopping hunger for technology investments, iLab is the best hub for tech-savvies where they can witness next generation technologies

  • Our bootcamps offer intensive training programs who want to break into the technology sector. We are designing bootcamps focusing mainly on software technologies, product management, coding and mobile development

  • By enrolling in iLab bootcamps, applicants can learn new skills, create a portfolio of work, and gain access to career opportunities across our group companies that leads the digital future of Turkey

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