We invest in, acquire or build
businesses with sustainable competitive advantage capitalizing on key consumer service needs

Our Operating Model

iLab’s operating model is unique in Turkish internet market and one of the pioneers in the global ecosystem. We differ by investing in and operating businesses with stage agnostic approach and long-term commitment.

Building on our unique operational experience we add value to our businesses, catalyse their growth, help them claim clear leadership positions.

iLab believes in empowering its brands as independent entities while providing them with access to a unique foundational infrastructure which is a result of 20+ years diligent investment

Strong Operator Legacy

  • Know-how & playbook on scaling Internet businesses
  • Strong brand to attract & recruit best entrepreneurial talent

Inspiring Culture

  • Pioneer in driving growth with entrepreneurial culture
  • Builds on servant leadership, meritocracy, customer focus, and transparency

Dynamic Center of Excellences

  • Drives economies of scale with size and cross-portfolio synergies
  • Accelerates its brands with dynamic CoEs like strategy, media buying, product, UX and analytics

Strategic Approach

iLab always seeks for opportunities to invest and fuel growth by seeking impressive entrepreneurs and following a robust strategy:

Long Term Investment

Invests in its brands with long-term commitment to provide continuous financial support

Strengthen Brands

Strengthens its brands through strategic investments to businesses with synergic capabilities in priority areas like AI and advanced analytics

Grow Business Coverage

Seeks new scalable businesses in large verticals with platform potential and leadership opportunity

Our Vision

iLab brands operate with the vision of becoming “the most relied on platform” for consumers in their verticals by providing them transparent, trustable, and transactional content for the products and services of interest.

iLab is organized under three main business areas:

Our classifieds brands empower millions of people every day wisth knowledge and transparency.

Kariyer.net, as the leading jobs platform in Turkey, helps thousands of companies to connect right talent with its ML & AI technology. Arabam.com and EmlakJet pioneer 2nd hand vehicles and real estate verticals respectively with innovative business models and best in class analytical infrastructures.

Sigortam.net trailblazes globally as a digital open insurance platform capable of producing policies instantly through direct integrations with insurance companies.

Starting its life as a credit comparison site, HangiKredi today acts as the primary digital sales channel for all banks and pursues leading player position in open banking in Turkey.

Ranked globally among the largest comparison sites, Cimri acts as a primary sales channel for e-merchants and ultimate reference site for Turkish consumers.

In e-Travel, Neredekal as an innovative holiday comparison site, helps consumers to access widest accommodation facilities network.